Halloween Boardwalk

By Nichole Mitchell

I use your tools to create landscape and scenery for miniature holiday village displays. Victoria has been a huge help with my tools and mentioned that you like to see project photos. So, when I was working on my last Halloween display, I took some photos for you. If you are interested in seeing any of my other many, many displays, you can check out my on-line portfolio at www.flickr.com/photos/56thandmain

On a final serious note, I want you to know that the fantastic customer service that you all provide is invaluable and it is your great products and service that will always bring me back and makes me feel so comfortable refering other people to your web-site. You are the best!

Foam Halloween Boardwalk Village Display

Building a Foam Base for Halloween Boardwalk Village


This is a large boardwalk display designed for the Original Snow Village Halloween collection. It features an incredibly detailed boardwalk, complete with pier to hold the ferris wheel.

Halloween Boardwalk Snow Village Display

Foam Halloween Boardwalk Base Detail

Halloween Boardwalk Detail