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Halloween Village Displays

By Roger Beauregard of Creative Villages

If anyone has any questions regarding anything from this display or any other display questions, please feel free to email me, I will be happy to answer your questions the best that I can. The only thing that I ask is in the subject matter of the email please put “Display Question, ” as I will not open the email unless this is in the subject line.

Well it’s time to think of Halloween and these are a few pictures of a display that I just finished in of all places, Salem MA. I used the Hot Knife to do a lot of the fine work. What do you think? I had a blast doing this one. I just love Halloween anyway and I’ve gotten many compliments on this one so far. Here are a few pictures of my Halloween display that won first place at our club. I hope you enjoy them.Model_VD_rogerb_a01

 Model_VD_rogerb_a04 Model_VD_rogerb_a07
 Well here are the pictures of the Halloween display at Ashley’s. Nothing too fancy this time except the stairs in front of the Castle are all one piece and I used the Freehand Router with a wire that I bent to size. Also the fall tree I made out of floral stuff from Michael’s and brown caulking. Pretty cool huh? The realistic stone walls, brick walkways and stairs are all foam.Model_VD_rogerb_a05 Model_VD_rogerb_a06


Roger J Beauregard / Creative Villages

Back in 1995 my wife came home with a few village buildings. I asked her, “What are we going to do with these?” She set them up on the dining room buffet for the holidays. The next year, after much bickering, it became my village. I really became hooked, especially on building dioramas.

I was so hooked it became a craving. I needed more! But the more I created the bigger the mess I made. That’s when I discovered Hot Wire Foam Factory. They were heaven sent.

I was amazed at how easy the tools were to use. I started with the Hot Knife and Sculpting Tool. I was having a blast creating different realistic looks for my villages with incredible detail. I used the Hot Knife to do the stone and brick work in the walls and to make cobblestone roads. The Variable-Heat Power Station allowed me to control the heat on the blade which made a big difference.

The tool that I now use most is the Freehand Router. It’s very versatile, you can bend the wires to cut a almost any shape in the foam. All it takes is your imagination, and with practice the tools will help you create whatever look you want.

As time went on my display building was recognized. I have done village displays in several D56 collectible stores in the New England area. Once my work was seen customers wanted me to do their displays in their homes. At one of the store I held classes on building displays and helped people with problems they were having with hiding wires, making walls or stairways or anything else they wanted to do. I really enjoyed helping people out because I know what It was like when I first started out.

If you have any questions or would like a quote on having me create a custom diorama for your village, don’t hesitate to email me.