Vignette in Glass

By Roger Beauregard of Creative Villages

This was a fun little display to make. Actually my wife and I were out shopping at Christmas Tree shop and we came across these large glass bowls I guess you would call them. She said, “You know, you could make a nice little display in these.” So we bought two of them. I wanted to make a Halloween display, but wanted it to be a little different.

I started to look through all my Halloween accessories (although the bowl is big enough for a smaller building) and that’s when I came across these two Hallmark ornaments from the “Corpse Bride” series. I bought them a few years ago and knew there would be a time that they would fit in a Halloween display of some sort.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to email me at creativevillages@yahoo.com – I will try to answer your questions as soon as I can.Model_VD_rogerb_d01What you see is a bowl that is about 12 inches in diameter and 12 inches deep. I flipped the glass upside down and traced the outside edge of it on a 2 inch thick piece of EPS foam and cut it out with the Scroll Table. Because I traced the outside diameter, I had to cut it ¼ inch smaller so that it would fit on the inside. The Scroll Table allowed me to have a vertical cut so that it would slide in the glass and look flush inside. When I slid it to the bottom I realized that the bottom was not flat. It had a slightly raised center and the foam would not lay flat. So if you look at the picture above, you can see a black edge on the bottom – those are small black stones that I got at a craft store. I poured them on the outer edge to level the bottom off and then the foam sat nice and flat.Model_VD_rogerb_d02

The rest of the display is just sculpting the foam, cutting out the stairs and the stone work on the back wall and around the edges of the vignette. I used a black ink wash to coat the foam, then I used acrylic paint to get the look I wanted. The ground cover is from Woodland Scenics.

Corpse Bride Vignette in Glass

Model_VD_rogerb_d04To give a gloomier look I put a piece of orange cellophane on the back side. It clung to the glass so I just had to put it in place. If anyone has had luck in drilling holes in glass please give me some tips.