Billy Buttons Display

By Sara and Rhea Reilly
Jackson, MS


My husband Rhea and I have been collecting D56 Dickens Village houses since 1997. Until recently we had not displayed all of them together. While at the Region 8 Roundup in Dallas I met your rep Jewel Leah. She demonstrated the Hot Wire tools during the seminar and I purchased a kit. After we received the kit, we invited Jewel to the Magnolia 56er’s Club in Jackson Mississippi to give us a “Demonstration Day.” She taught us everything from how to bury electric wires, make water for lakes, rivers and ponds, to painting the foam. The nice part was when we ran into trouble I could email or send a picture to her and she would make step by step suggestions on how to get the look we wanted. Working for almost 6 months we decided to be on the club tour this year. Just a bit nervous, we soon found out all our trouble was well worth it hearing the words “fantastic,” “beautiful,” “unbelievable,” “incredible,” and I could go on.

I am sending you these pictures to share with others and let them know how easy your tools are to use. We had purchased the 4-in-1 Kit, but added to this the Bow Cutter, Scroll Table, and the Pro 6″ Knife.







Suggested tools/materials for this project:

All Purpose Foam Coat • Crafters 4-in-1 Kit • Foam Fusion