Northern Hunting/Fishing Village

By Jacqui McMahon of Wine Country Villagers
Sonoma County, CA

These are a few photos of my D-56 Northern Hunting/Fishing Village. I have been involved with scenery making/teaching with Wine Country Villagers for the past 15 years.

While on a trip in Alaska, I collected miniatures made by the Indians of different areas; a dogsled, fish, Nativity scene, bears, moose, and even a fish trap. Knowing I was going to be building this Village ahead helped in collecting the items. I used my Hot Wire tools to create the “rocks” and mountains and the tide splashing up on the rocks.

One thing I realized watching Alaska tree areas, is how they were not all the same, so I mix the different types and sizes. The only place where the trees were the same were in commercial forests. Trees were laying on the ground. Some were bare due to forest fires…so I included that also.

There is always a “joke” hidden in my scene-so if you look closely at the Hunting Lodge, you’ll see a moose standing in front of the Lodge.

In building scenes, I imagine I am walking down the road-what think of what I’d see? It’s the small details that make a scene so interesting.Model_VD_winecountryvillagers_01 Model_VD_winecountryvillagers_02 Model_VD_winecountryvillagers_03 Model_VD_winecountryvillagers_04