Spotlight On: Steve Morrone

Spotlight On: Steve Morrone

Steve MorroneSteve Morrone, an artist and business owner, uses foam to create “4D Murals” – you can see more of his work on his gallery page.

Hot Wire Foam Factory: Well I guess it would only be right to start form the top! Who is Steve Morrone?

Steve Morrone: I am a Designer, Sculptor, Painter, Musician, Business owner, Dad and husband.

HWFF: A jack of all trades! I’m assuming you don’t make music of any kind with the tools…So how does Hot Wire Foam Factory fit into who you are?

SM: First of all, Hot Wire Foam Factory helped introduce me to the Bow Cutter…which was a heck of a lot neater than my chainsaw.

HWFF: You own a company called Imagine Factory. What do you do there?

SM: We make ideas…

HWFF: Ideas?

SM: From murals to monstrosities. We make what I call 4D Murals, which are murals with legs…and arms…and anything else that would protrude out of a scene. We make what I like to call the Centerpiece Bubble Tank with the Submarine.

HWFF: Do you come up with the original idea? Or how does the creative genius start?

SM: I sketch the ideas

Aquarium dentist concept art
Aquarium themed dentist office

HWFF: Hence the painter side? Does a person say “I want so and so”?

SM: Sometimes. Other times I say (or sketch) “do you want so and so?”

HWFF: So it is really impromptu?

SM: I meet with the client, show some past projects…or past sketches…I have a pile of sketch books that I keep. We look at their space, and they give me some input, and then I start sketching. I of course love to give them something they hadn’t thought of, and something that really wows them.

HWFF: Like a tattoo artist for lack of a better metaphor. How long have you been in business? foam octopus

SM: Since 1996. I have been doing foam carvings since 2000.

HWFF: Is it getting harder to wow your clients?

SM: No, it’s getting much easier! The ideas are getting better with each project.

HWFF: Lots of work?

SM: We are making six more ideas into reality starting September first.

HWFF: Recession…where?

SM: That what we’re saying.

HWFF: I love the yellow sub. Who wouldn’t want to go to the dentist if it looks like the most fun place on earth? What inspired the theme?

SM: Not sure…Lots of undersea research, then one day just sat and sketched it.

HWFF: If you had a word of encouragement to a starving young artist what would it be?

SM: Do not waiver from following your passion. It’s what makes you who you are.

HWFF: What coatings do you use on your finished products?

SM: I use Matthews Clearcoat, Industrial Polymers StyroSpray 1000 as well as a few other harder coatings we are experimenting with now, including Foam Coat, Boost and Bounce.

aquarium themed dentist office
Aquarium themed dentist office