Church Theme Rooms

By Boulton Creations for Heart of the Springs Church
Colorado Springs, CO

I must say that I have been painting murals for twenty six years for mostly family and friends and a few clients, but I have never had so much fun as I have now discovered your product and adding my small talents to carving foam. The photos below show some in-progress shots as well as the finished projects installed in the church.Prop_vbs_boultoncreations_01Grizzly Bear CanyonProp_vbs_boultoncreations_02Using the Industrial Hot Knife to carve out the bearProp_vbs_boultoncreations_03Eric doing final details of Bounce on south staircase rock wallProp_vbs_boultoncreations_04 Prop_vbs_boultoncreations_05Kids Sunday school class room with an original pot belly stove from an 1896 gold camp areaProp_vbs_boultoncreations_06Back wall of the Great room of the LOFT. The skis are from around 1910Prop_vbs_boultoncreations_07The finished hallway coal mine leading into Grizzly Bear CanyonProp_vbs_boultoncreations_08View of the stage – the mountain carving is Holly Cross Mountain, not far from Vail, Colorado


Cottonwood tree (left)
The second floor of the church is home to the L.O.F.T., where kids can Live Out Faith Together (right)

Other items suggested for this project:

All Purpose Foam CoatIndustrial Hot Kit • Foam FusionFreehand Router