Juggler’s Violin Props

By Charles Stanley

Dan Menendez combines comedy, juggling and music for his performance as “The Piano Juggler.” His unusual act has appeared with five different symphonies including; Atlanta, Baltimore and Indianapolis. Dan plays popular and classical music on the world’s only “Bounce Piano” and “Bounce Cello.” Dan appears in venues all over the world, performing at professional sporting events, banquets, trade shows and concerts. In 2001 he won the Daidogei World Cup in Japan, an international entertainment competition, involving hundreds of entertainers. He has flown over two million miles performing as “The Piano Juggler.”

The Piano Juggler continues to add to his musical juggling routines by introducing his “Juggolins.” These juggling violins have been designed and constructed especially for Dan. They are constructed from extruded, high density foam board using Hot Wire Foam Factory cutting tools and bonding products, and, have been designed for optimum weight, balance and center of gravity for juggling. Check out the 20 step slide construction presentation below.

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