My Fair Lady Theater Set

By Phil Hayes of Freedom Baptist High School
Hudsonville, MI

Here are the pictures for our production of “My Fair Lady.” These were all accomplished with a combination of the Engraving Tool, the 3D Scroll Table and the Pro 6″ Hot Knife. The first photo shows the main unit set with the 3 squared arch areas. The cross piece in the middle (over the library) has foam pieces, each 8 ft long, that were run through the 3D Scroll table using the bendable wire attachment that shaped it like a stone cornice. The architrave underneath was done the same way. The angled foam “hood” over the doorway was tricky and the Pro Knife helped because I could cut the pieces pretty much in place to get the angles just right.

Prop_set_freedombaptist_01 Prop_set_freedombaptist_02This picture shows one of the library bookcases. The curved sides were each cut out of a 2 ft by 3 ft by 6 inch piece of foam with the Pro Knife and then we used the Engraver to make the scroll work seen on the front of each of those pieces. Prop_set_freedombaptist_03

Close up of one of the side pieces to the library bookcases. This was cut out of a 2 ft by 3 ft. by 6 inch piece of Styrofoam with the Pro Knife. The Engraving tool put the scroll work on the front. We did six of these pieces, four of which were on either side of these bookcases.

Every bit of trim here is Styrofoam. The cornice work in between the window and the door was done with the 3D Scroll table. So was the trim around the window. The shaped piece over the window was done with the Sculpting Tool and the Engraving Tool. All of the angled cuts were done with the Pro Hot Knife.