Foam Props

By Greg Marshall

I love using my new tools from Hot Wire Foam Factory. I have been sculpting new items and getting my business rolling. I wake up in the night thinking of new projects to sculpt. I am getting ready to do some new tombstones for the Halloween season. My sculptures are done for my business and also for fun, using a Pro Kit I purchased from you. Mostly though I am doing them to get business as I am getting more into the foam 3D sculpture and sign making. I hope I am good enough!

I started making my foam out of extruded pink foam but have switched to EPS foam 1-2 lb density. I also have another business that makes artificial rock features and sculptures for residential and commercial clients but I have always loved foam sculpture and 3D signage. I decided to buy your equipment, tools and cutters and have a go of it. So far, so good. I am doing some preliminary stuff for restaurant chains and some other businesses. I am now starting on a 6′ tall foam tree for a tree house base. It will be coated with a resin or gel coat before painting it. I love the tools and keep creating new methods and ways to use them.Prop_set_gregm_01Prop_set_gregm_03Prop_set_gregm_04 Prop_set_gregm_08