Children’s Ministry Props

By Steve Haynes



The heart was made for a song talking about your heart being blue, so one side is pink and the other blue.Prop_vbs_steveh_03This prop is supposed to be a large rock that has a removable front to reveal “Jesus” for a song “Don’t Build Your House on the Sand.”Prop_vbs_steveh_04


These next two props are larger mountains that I glued three pieces of styrofoam (two pieces of 4” foam and one piece of 2″ foam) together to make. I cannot take credit for the painting, as I cannot paint.


These are guitars for puppets made from 1 1/2″ foam and painted.

Foam Children's Ministry Puppets

This photo shows a pair of puppets – a foam waffle iron and a blender. The base of the blender is foam, and the upper part of the blender is foamcore and a toilet flapper (don’t worry, the flappers in MD don’t come with eyes). These puppets were hinged so that they could sing a song using a rod from under the prop.