Dragon Piñata

A foam dragon head with candy filled balloon body!

By Velma Rippstein

Dragon Pinata with candy filled balloon body.

I was commissioned to make an alternative to a piñata – due to something she saw on Pinterest, my client got the idea that she wanted to fill balloons with a little too much air and candy, so that when the kids hit the balloons with the sword, they would easily explode. BUT the theme was prince/princess party and she wanted it to be a dragon. She came to me for ideas.

Styrofoam dragon head unpainted
Green styrofoam dragon head prop

I ended up deciding we would make the head and include an area through the center where a PVC line would be to thread the line through. I have the Hot Wire Foam Factory Pro Model 4 in 1 kit so I carved out the main shape and then put a rod through the center (this way the string wouldn’t just cut through the foam) and added on the horns with glue one by one to secure them.

Green Dragon Head Prop
Green Dragon Head Prop

Then I painted the base coat and added the detailed painting afterwards!

Green Dragon Head Cosplay Prop for Knight

The client didn’t want to keep the head, so now I rent it out. A kid in a local competition rented it as a prop for his Knight costume and asked that I repaint the eyes so that they were more menacing instead of fun and playful for a children’s birthday party.

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