Xanadu Production

By Gregory Cilmi of Well Urned Productions

I have been swamped with projects, which is always a good problem to have! I have included a few photos for your page. A bit of info:

  • The Greek columns of light are carved polystyrene and pvc pipe.
  • The Pegasus was carved out of one solid block of Styrofoam that was segmented and shaped. The polystyrene wings were carved separately and glued into place
  • The letters “XANADU” and the walls were carved and painted polystyrene.
  • Padding and bumpers on the rolling stage seating were cut and shaped from foam padding and pool noodles
    Prop_set_wellurnedproductions_a03Prop_set_wellurnedproductions_a04 Prop_set_wellurnedproductions_a07 Prop_set_wellurnedproductions_a06 Prop_set_wellurnedproductions_a05