Xara Project

By Mark Hinkley

I am writing to express my pleasure with the service I received when placing my order and my satisfaction with the tools I ordered. I was able to cut a very accurate copy of my logo as a first effort, and set to work laying out the templates and patterns for the real work I bought the tools for. Most of what I am doing involves cutting stacks of 1/2″ Styrofoam to create detailed panels to surface mount on stage sets. I am happy with the Hot Knife and the Sled Guide for my scroll work, but can see the advantage of the Scroll Table where the blade remains stationary because it is anchored top and bottom. I am working on larger pieces, and the short arm would not have let me reach the inside detail of some of my panels so what is the solution for cutting thinner material across larger horizontal planes? I see the Bow Cutter is good for extending the thickness of what you can cut, so could I use the Bow Cutter?

Mark – What I do with the Bow Cutter is to turn it upside down so the cutting wire faces up, slide the cutting wire over a workbench or table, rest the cutting wire on a couple of shims (use a nonflammable material like tile) so that the whole bow is virtually hanging by the cutting wire. Turn the Bow Cutter on and slide the foam along the table. If you tilt the table just right the foam will gravity feed itself. I have sliced foam to as thin as 1/8″ using this method. Hope this helps! – Dave NatalProp_set_xaraproject_01

 Prop_set_xaraproject_06 Prop_set_xaraproject_07Here we pre-enact Xara, a pastoral paradise civilization 400 years in the future, imagine the myths and rites that would inform and sustain that world, and dream them to life for one another through interactive visual and performing arts. The most important vision is your own in this shared exploration of creative mythology through mutual art, hospitality, and personal experience. Prop_set_xaraproject_08