Constructing a Vacation Bible School Set

by Ed Lewis

We got the idea from Lifeway VBS  and they supplied a disk with a drawing.
We took the disk and projected it on to 4 X 8 sheets of 2-inch foam

VBS Sets
Make your own VBS set

I then took the 4-inch Hot Knife and Sled Guide and cut the foam we wanted to remove.

For straight cuts I clamped a straight edge and ran the Sled Guide down it.

Hot knife
cutting a straight edge with hot knife

Make your own VBS set

We painted the foam with water base paint.

We then assembled with duct tape and pins.
We then embellished with our ideas.

Make your own VBS set
Construct your own VBS set

Other suggested items for this project:

Pro 6″ Hot Knife & Freehand Router Kit • All Purpose Foam CoatBounce