3D Restaurant Sign

By Charlie Slaughter of Qualitee Signs
Grants Pass, OR

This business came to my studio wanting this as a big sticker sign, but I’m so glad he decided on making it three-dimensional. People slow down as they drive by and some stop to take photos. The DC-3 plane has a prop that spins in the wind.Signs_DISP_qualiteesigns_a01Signs_DISP_qualiteesigns_a04Ready for hard shell, this sign has been a blast to design and build. There will be one more just like it, but mirror-imaged on the other side, so both plane tails line-up. The wing on the plane is 49″ plus it will have a prop that will spin in the wind. The sign was carved with Hot Wire Foam Factory tools.

3D Foam Restaurant Sign

Hardshelled and primed for paint