Hot Wire CNC Foam Props

A Sign Maker’s Foray into the World of CNC Machines

by Richard Riley

Hot Wire Foam Factory’s Sign Maker CNC machine does have a bit of a learning curve to it, however I will say a LOT of that is me not being that familiar with computers, as I use them to send emails and that is about it. Once I got most of the things hammered out, such as the controls and so forth, everything was a breeze!

CNC Sign making Scale

It took about a week to familiarize myself with the machine and then I started working on how to convert my artwork to a line drawing. One thing I did find is a short tutorial on the internet about converting artwork to a line drawing and it was simple! It does not work on every piece of art but the process is basically a few quick steps and you are done and ready to use your artwork! 

CNC Aztec Head
CNC Aztec Head

Super Hero Sign Makers CNC
Sign Maker's CNC

I am able to make signs and plaques that I would have never tried before. Letters and logos are a cinch and I have even been able to work out making 3D objects with the machine as well! I have found that this machine is invaluable and a HUGE time saver, all in all I am VERY pleased!

Sign Maker's CNC
Signs and Logo's on CNC

Suggested tools/materials for this project:

Sign Maker CNC • Styroplast • Foam Fusion