Tombstone Tip 3

How to transfer font onto a foam tombstone.

Tombstone Tip #3

Here’s an easy way to transfer font onto your tombstone.

Items needed:
• Computer/Laptop
• Printer
• Pencil
• Ruler (or tape measure)
• Tape
• Spooky background music (to set the mood)

1. First, find out which font you want to use.  Some sites have spooky Halloween fonts that download right into your word processor (Sweet, huh?).

2. Once you’ve decided which font fits best, adjust the font size to what you want, then print the page(s). I used font size 150.


3. Now it’s time to measure. Use a ruler or tape measure to make an even line. This will be your guide for lining up your letters.

*Note: If you plan on painting your letters on, paint your base coat first, then apply your font. If you want to carve your letters into the foam, trace them directly onto the unpainted foam. 


4.) Grab your pencil and printed paper with the font on it. Turn the paper over. Place another blank piece of paper beneath the one with the font so you could see where the font is, then shade behind each letter heavily using the pencil. (Use a softer pencil if you have access to one.)


5. Use the scissors to cut out your words.  Make sure the spacing from the bottom of each word, to the edge of the paper is the same for every word so that when you line them up on the reference line you made on on your tombstone, the letters will rest at the same height. (You can use this method for designs, too!)


6. Tape the words to the foam, font side up, using the line you drew as a guide, then take a pen or pencil and trace the outline of the each letter, pressing down firmly to transfer the lead from the back of the paper onto the foam. When you remove the paper, the font will remain on the foam.


7. Sometimes you have to trace back over the outline on the foam with a pencil to make it more prominent if you didn’t press hard enough when tracing over the paper. You can use your letters as a reference for this.


8. From here, carve out or paint your letters. The Precision Engraver is a great tool for carving out precise font.

Download PDF here!