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Bow Cutters

Our Bow Cutters come in 2 varieties, The Two Foot Bow Cutter and The Two by Four Foot Bow Cutter. Each Bow Cutter is color coded to match our product lines, include replacement wires and its own power supply!

hot wire foam factory compound bow

It’s big! It’s bad! Our 2′ x 4′ Compound Bow Cutter (actually a little wider than 2′ and 4′) will knock your block off! Our big, versatile bow cutter will get those unwieldy 4′ by 8′ blocks or sheets of foam knocked down to manageable sizes. Built for pros, it’s fast and agile and built to last.

hot wire foam factory 2 foot bow

It’s The Little-Bro Of The Big Compound Bow. Built for professional modelers and building contractors, our 2′ Bow is fast and agile and built to last. The ultimate hot wire hand cutter for big jobs.

What can the Bow Cutter do for you?

The bow cutter is your best bet for big jobs! it is the favored tool by enthusiasts and professional artists alike. Whether you are planning your next big Halloween Haunt, your yearly VBS grand set-piece, or other large project, a bow cutter will get the job done!

Bow cutter and template
Bow cutter and template

Halloween Haunt
Halloween haunt

Bow cutter
Head sculpture

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