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Deluxe Tables


Two kinds of tables:

Our 3D tables come in two varieties; The 16-Inch Table and The 24-Inch Table.

Hot wire 16 inch table
Hot wire 24 inch table

16-Inch and 24-Inch Deluxe Tables

Built for professional modelers. Our big, sturdy 3D Deluxe Tables are a combination Scroll Table, Router, Lathe and Milling Machine, all-in-one, versatile tool kit.  Quick and easy straight, freehand, or template cutting. The large 24-Inch round, ABS plastic base offers a 12″ high cut and an unlimited horizontal cut. The 16-Inch round, ABS plastic base offers a 11.5-Inch high cut and an unlimited horizontal cut.

What can the Deluxe Tables do for you?

Cut Styrofoam. expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, and Art & Sign Foam with fast clean precision. Scroll Tables are the tools of choice for architectural prototypes, scale models, and much more.

Hot wire foam factory tools and foam coat
Hot wire cutter


Both tables excel when used with the Traveling Fence Kit

Stationary ABS plastic guide can be mounted anywhere on the Scroll Table’s surface. Includes Stationary Fence for precision slicing and unique Traveling Fence for controllable complex angles, including mitered cuts. Can also be used to make cylinders and cones.

hot wire foam factory accessories


Compatible with the Multi-Heat Pro-Power Station and the Variable Heat Pro-Power Station.

Hot wire foam factory power supplies

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