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Hot Wire Foam Factory DVD Library.

Hot Wire DVDs

Hot Wire Foam Factory offers a wide collection of DVD’s and other learning materials to help you expand your skills and push your project to the next level, our DVD collection not only gives a deeper understanding of our tools but also showcases tips and tricks used by professional artists around the world.

Foam Gone Wild! Foam Coat System

Foam Gone Wild DVD

Protect and beautify your foam projects with All Purpose Foam Coat. Melanie Richard shows how she transformed a section of animal enclosures at Zoo Montana using foam and foam coat. Melanie reveals her revolutionary techniques for making realistic foam tree trunks, roots, branches, bark, rocks, ruins, stone walls, rock shelves, and more in simple step-by-step instructions. It’s fast, fun, and easy. Plus, a special bonus section on creating realistic reptile skin.

Hot Wire Foam Factory Instructional DVD

Hot Wire Foam Factory DVD

This 17 chapter 85 fun filled foam minute instructional DVD shows you all the basics you need to get started immediately and make just about any shape imaginable out of polystyrene foam with Hot Wire Foam Factory tools. From precise architectural shapes, to freeform miniatures, to huge shapes. The best techniques for painting and gluing, plus tons of handy tips. This DVD comes free with many of our kits!

How To Foam Carve Your Haunted House DVD

How to Foam Carve your Haunted House DVD

Halloween Productions, Inc. creators of The Darkness haunted house and hundreds of amusement attractions around the World will teach you some of the tricks to create, carve and complete stunning caves, rocks, and scenery using foam.

The Darkness features stunning waterfalls to ancient lost temples all hand carved by the artisans at Halloween Productions, Inc. Now take a peek inside the process of creating scenes by foam carving and help put your attraction or next project over the top! In this DVD our staff will create several rooms using different foam carving techniques creating caves, designs in foam, tombs, rocks, stones and more. The DVD runs 75 minutes.

Building An Epic Display DVD

Building An Epic Village Display DVD

“The Definitive Miniature Diorama DVD” Simple step-by-step instructions telling how artist Ken Shirley made a 45 foot display using Styrofoam and foam cutting tools. You will learn how to create train tunnels, portals, icicles, water, levels, effective lighting, glaciers, mountains, stairs, bricks, themed props, backdrops and so much more.

Ken Shirley is a professional display artist hired by the Department 56 corporation as well as private parties and for over a decade, he has conducted classes and clinics at various stores and Gatherings around the United States. His attention to detail in his displays is only matched by the passion with which he teaches. This is the essential DVD for any serious collector.

A great video not only for village displays, but for model railroaders, miniature gamers, and other model builders who need to create scenery. The DVD runs 95 minutes.

Making Foam Tombstones DVDFoam Coat

Making Foam Tombstone DVD

Do it yourself tombstones! It looks difficult, but if you follow the simple patterns and easy step-by-step instructions you won’t die trying. All it takes is the Hot Knife and a couple of pieces of foam. The DVD runs 25 minutes.
Laura and Dale will take you through each simple step:
• Enlarging and transferring the included patterns onto the foam.
• Cutting out the tombstone.
• Cutting out the elements.
• Sticking it together.
• Painting and coating tips.

System Basics DVD

Foam Coat System Basics

Simple step-by-step instructions for protecting and beautifying your foam projects. Have fun with Laura and Dale as they show how you can achieve many different surface looks, feels, and levels of hardness by following some simple steps. The DVD runs 35 minutes.
Learn how to:
• Choose a coating best suited to your project.
• Mix your ingredients in the best proportions.
• Create smooth or textured surface effects.
• Many coating tips.
• Have fun and be creative.
• Gluing tips.

Magic Mountains DVD

Magic Mountains DVD

Simple step by instructions on making start-to-finish multilevel Halloween, Christmas or Miniature Gaming dioramas using the popular Sculpting Tool. From arranging and planning, to cutting out and gluing the foam layers, to sculpting them into mountains this video will show you all the basics you need to quickly create your own beautiful diorama.

You will also learn how to make a dimensional backdrop, a cave with character, and most of all, Victoria and Dale will show to have fun with foam and your Hot Wire Foam Factory Sculpting Tool! The DVD runs 25 minutes.