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Foam Engravers

HWFF Short engraver
HWFF Long Engraver


Perfect for engraving bricks, blocks, stones, words, and other shapes into foam for detailed looking walls, abutments, portals, slats, cobblestone roads, signs and more. A fine finishing tool for etching any type of 2-D or 3-D sculpture or model. 

What can the Engraver do for you?

The fine, pointed tip heats up so you can do detailed lettering or intricate designs.

make your own miniature brick and cobblestone

make your own miniature gaming terrain

Hot Wire Foam Factory Engraving tool


The Adjustable Sled Guide helps to maintain a specific angle or uniform depth.

Adjustable Sled Guide for Handheld Tools
Hot Wire Foam Factory Engraver with Sled Guide

Power Supplies:

Use the Variable Heat Pro Power StationMulti-Heat Pro Power Station or Crafters Power Supply.

Hot wire foam cutter power supplies

Affordable Kits:

Crafters KitPro Kit with Multi-HeatPro Kit with Variable Heat

Reviews and Demos:

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