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Foam Coat & Additives

hot wire foam factory foam coat

Protects and Beautifies! This is our All-Purpose and Exterior Foam Coat. Great for smoothing and hardening foam surfaces. All Purpose Foam Coat comes in a dry powder, simply mix with water.  3 pounds covers up to 30 square feet. 25 pounds covers up to 250 square feet.  Dollar-for-dollar, our Foam Coat covers 4x as much as competing brands, and has a longer shelf life. Use All Purpose Foam Coat for all of your indoor creations, use Exterior Foam Coat for a cement-like mixture that’s perfect for the home and garden!

What can Foam Coat do for you?

using foam coat
using foam coat

craft stone effects on foam

Making foam tombstones


Our standard Foam coats have two variations of additives, Boost and Bounce. Use Boost to enhance your foam coat’s strength; making it rock hard. Use Bounce to give your foam coating a protective spring!

Hot wire foam factory Boost
Hot wire foam factory bounce

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