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The Freehand Router

Hot Wire Foam Factory Freehand Router

Make the Blade Into Any Shape!

Comes with 5 ultra-tough, 10.5″ wires that bolt onto the arms. Wire can be hand shaped! Scoop out big or tiny pieces of foam for any level of control. The Freehand Router is to foam what the chisel was to stone.

What can the Freehand Router do for you?

From mountainous terrains and narrow rivers for miniature gaming, to life-size stone brick walls, fireplaces, and boulders, the Freehand Router does it all. It’s every foam carver’s dream and an invaluable asset to your toolbox.

using the free hand router
Carve your own stone walls out of foam

Using the free hand router
freehand router and sled


Use the Adjustable Sled Guide to maintain even depths and precise angles for long, channel cuts.

sled guide
Hot wire Freehand foam Router and Sled Guide

Power Supplies:

The Freehand Router is a Pro Tool and uses thicker wires, so itis not compatible with the Crafters Power Supply and will only work with the Pro Multi-Heat or Variable Heat Power Supplies.

HWFF Pro power

 Affordable Kits

Pro Kit with Single HeatPro Kit with Multi-HeatPro Kit with Variable Heat

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